Pam and Andy’s Wedding

On Saturday the 20th of October 2012 my Aunt Pam and her fiance Andy were married at Wonford Methodist Church in Exeter, Devon.

I had the pleasure of being invited so couldn’t resist taking a few shots of the day.

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It was an unconventional wedding, Pam wore a handmade dress and matching top-hat and arrived with an entourage of burly men on Harley’s!

But whether it was to everyone’s taste or not it fitted the couple perfectly, everyone present could see the happiness radiating from them, it was a beautiful day – which is lucky for mid-October!

– A.T



‘In Sickness and in Health’

This is the title given to us for our latest assessment.

We have joined up with Exeter Healthcare Arts (EHCA) an art project established in 1992 to bring a creative aspect to the blank and sometimes daunting corridors of the RD&E hospital in Exeter.

Through mainly charitable funds the project aims to aid the healing and overall well being of the patients, visitors and workers of the hospital.

We have been given our title and from there have free rein over how we interpret and produce an outcome for this project. The final pieces will be displayed in either the hospital or local medical school (depending on the content of the images).

Although the scope for this project is very broad I have been struggling to clap down on an idea and go with it, my previous projects have been related to memory, fear, mental illness and other similar topics. I feel I would be confident in running with an idea to do with loss, death and decay – but how to go about it?

My initial ideas have been revolving around the thought of loss, time and memory and how different experiences in life can shape how you are today and in the future.

After researching around the subject I shall update and hopefully have my footing a little better with this project!

– A.T

Iona Grace Marie

‘You are a special child, received with joy, christened with faith, and blessed with God’s love’

This weekend I was invited to the christening of my friends Ken and Clare’s newborn.  Unfortunately I had to work so only managed to sneak in for the celebratory meal.

As soon as I arrived I was handed Iona to have a nice cuddle, we even danced to a bit of westlife! She looked lovely in her little christening dress – smiles and giggles all around!

Here are some of the images from that day, isn’t Iona beautiful?

Iona Grace Marie – 6th August 2012


Someone’s tired!

Tiny Hands

Having a cuddle

Lovely eyes

Poking her tongue out!

More cuddles!

‘The World is Quiet Here’

– The V.F.D motto taken from Lemony Snicket’s ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’

Why have I chosen to use this in the header of my blog you may wonder?

Since a young age I have always yearned for more knowledge, with the idea that with knowledge comes greater understanding and ultimately power over the minds of those who don’t understand. I sound like a ‘know-it-all’ but really it’s a more personal thing, to achieve academically and further my knowledge excites me, I enjoy the thought of reading and analyzing a book, to digest the torrent of information that floods my brain and bask in the knowing that I, Amy Thurgood can understand it.

If you haven’t read Lemony Snicket’s ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ – I strongly recommend that you do, I feel that these books were one of the main series of books that I personally grew up with. I remember as a young girl having no ‘real’ books in my house, my parents and sister have never shown any interest in sitting and absorbing a novel. They just didn’t understand why or how anyone could build emotional attachment to a book – they would much rather watch the film than ‘waste time’ reading the story.

This is one of the main reasons why I get on so well with my Grandparents, its like their thirst for knowledge skipped a generation and landed solely in me. They gave me a large quantity of the books I still own and cherish today. The best part of it all for me was the feeling of  disappearing in the pages of my favourite books. I could join my favourite characters and live in their worlds, usually a place vastly different and a place I preferred to my reality – I didn’t have to be ‘Amy four-eyes with her head in a book’ – I could escape and be whoever I wanted.

Anyway, back to the quote, one of the main mysteries of the Lemony Snicket stories was the meaning and identity of these three initials; ‘V.F.D’, eventually you as the reader work out that the letters have many different meanings throughout the books but they also represent a society of people who promote and aid knowledge and understanding among their members. ‘The World is Quiet Here’ –  shows their want for keeping the world quiet, a place for learning and reflection, like a library – so in other words; a safe haven for people who love to understand the world.

This quote I use as my motto and I shall one day pass my books and knowledge onto my children/grandchildren as my Grandparents did for me – I have a lot to thank them for, without them who knows what state I’d be in today!

I am aware that this has been a very long introduction to my newly made blog but I’m hoping this has let you understand me and my background a little better. Along with posting about my on going studies, thoughts and feelings connecting to my Photography Degree, I shall also be doing a series of discussions of books that have truly affected me and shaped how I am as a person today.

– A.T