My project has now taken me down the route of people and their possessions.

Objects of Value

Objects of Plenty

and lastly, Objects of Meaning.


From this I went to various friends and family and asked to take their pictures. I posed this question to them; ‘If your house was on fire and you could take one object out with you, what would you take?’

What interested me was the amount of people who chose teddy bears as their special objects, this to me is a strange thing as I don’t have a teddy from when I was younger and have never held sentimental feelings towards anything like that. If I were to save something from a fire it would most likely be my photo albums and possibly a few very expensive books!

So here are a selection of images from those shoots, in which the people are holding their special objects;

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For these images I was mainly inspired by two photographers; Alec Soth and Brendan Barry.

Example of Soth’s work:


Bonnie - Alec Soth

Bonnie – Alec Soth

And an image taken from Brendan Barry’s project in which he took portraits of average Americans whilst driving around the USA:

South on I95, West Haven, Connecticut - Brendan Barry

South on I95, West Haven, Connecticut – Brendan Barry

I’ll be back soon with more updates on my project 🙂

Speak soon!

– Amy


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