Assignment Numero Deux

So for the next assignment we have been given full reign over what we want to do, we write a proposal, a brief and come to a final outcome of our own design and making! The only criteria is that by the end we must have created a book from the work we have done for this project.

When faced with beginning a new project I like to think though all the ideas that I’ve had previous to this and see how they all connect, what do I like taking photograghs of? The one thing that was prominent throughout all my years of taking photos was portraiture. I love taking pictures of peoples, from the weddings I have done to the more obscure projects I created during my a-levels.

So what photographers have inspired me so far?

I love the idea of materialism and consumerism and want to centre this project around those themes. I first looked at the work of Peter Menzel and his work entitled ‘Material World’, here’s one of the images that inspired me most;

Peter Menzel 

Menzel got the family to empty their house out onto the front lawn, its a stark contrast to some of the other images in which the people have nothing. A similar idea was had by Huang Qingjun in which he photographed Asian families with their belongings:


I really liked the idea of ‘collections’, what people value and hold sentimental feelings towards. So with that in mind I went forward with the idea of shooting people with their personal collections here are some of the images from those shoots:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I wanted the people in the images to have a very ‘deadpan’ look about them so asked them, whilst shooting, to relax their face and try and look ‘blank’. This proved to be a difficult thing in itself as once you have asked someone not to smile it is in fact the one thing that they want to do!

Anyway I hope you enjoy the images, I shall be back soon with more updates from this project!

– A.T



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