The Final Outcome

Here are my final images for the project ‘In Sickness and in Health’. These images have been inspired by photographers such as Joan Kocak, Andres Serrano and Laura Letinsky.

These two sets of images will be exhibited at the Peninsula Medical School in Exeter, Devon.

Here is the first set of four images;




Pear, Banana and Papaya

I wanted these images to make the viewers uncomfortable and uneasy, I think I have managed to achieve that.

The next set of four images I have edited differently as I wanted to give them the aged effect, inspired by Joan Kocak, I used old medical equipment to add to the aged feel to the images.





This last image will be exhibited  separately from the other series;


So this is the end of another project, I feel I have accomplished what I set out to achieve so am very pleased with the project as a whole.

Update: After presenting my work to my lecturers I have received my final mark; A distinction! Very happy indeed!

– Amy


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