‘In Sickness and in Health’

This is the title given to us for our latest assessment.

We have joined up with Exeter Healthcare Arts (EHCA) an art project established in 1992 to bring a creative aspect to the blank and sometimes daunting corridors of the RD&E hospital in Exeter.

Through mainly charitable funds the project aims to aid the healing and overall well being of the patients, visitors and workers of the hospital.

We have been given our title and from there have free rein over how we interpret and produce an outcome for this project. The final pieces will be displayed in either the hospital or local medical school (depending on the content of the images).

Although the scope for this project is very broad I have been struggling to clap down on an idea and go with it, my previous projects have been related to memory, fear, mental illness and other similar topics. I feel I would be confident in running with an idea to do with loss, death and decay – but how to go about it?

My initial ideas have been revolving around the thought of loss, time and memory and how different experiences in life can shape how you are today and in the future.

After researching around the subject I shall update and hopefully have my footing a little better with this project!

– A.T


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